Our Belgian ladies abroad

Our Belgian ladies abroad - Un début en fanfare pour Emma Meesseman et Julie Vanloo - 05/10/2013

Julie Vanloo (15 pts) et Emma Meesseman (14 pts) n'ont pas manqué leur début dans le championnat de France avec des victoires de Mondeville (face à Toulouse) et de Villeneuve (contre Basket Landes) lors de l'Open à Paris. Les deux jeunes Belges ont même débuté en fanfare.

Our Belgian Ladies Abroad - 11/12/2012

It was THE game of the week and the topper between the leading teams in the Euroleague did not disappoint in terms of excitement and suspense. Unfortunately it did not end well for Ann Wauters’...

Our Belgian ladies abroad - Emma Meesseman, player of the month - 04/12/2012

There are not many games left before the Christmas break, slowly but steadily the year 2012 comes to an end. Most of the Belgian expatriate players are already looking forward to coming home and...

Our Belgian ladies abroad - 27/11/2012

With the holiday period approaching slowly but steadily, it is time for us to take a first look at our Belgian girls currently playing abroad. In this first review we look at how they did so far in the current competition.

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