Full videos (scouting) of the games - Season 2020-2021

How to upload ?

Gentlemen’s agreement
  • Every team uploads its own home games within 24h after the game by sending the video files.
How to upload your game video
  • Make sure your video is in a common format (.mp4, . mp3, .webM, .Ogg, ...). If needed, you can convert your file to the right format using (Mac) or AVS Free Converter (Windows). If you need more help, please contact
  • Make sure your video is not to large. More your video is large, more the time to upload it (and dowload it) is bigger.
  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions - DON'T FORGET to change the date of avalaibility
    • From: (your mail)
    • To: (
    • Objet: Your division (TDW1, TDM1, TDM2 or L1) – your game (SKW-Namur)
    • Click on the icone   in the field “expiration” change to --) 365 (days)
    • Done
    • Send
How to use the platform

How to upload ? 17/09/2020